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ANNOUNCEMENT: Kitchen, recreational center, and restroom are under construction. Please contact our park manager for further information.


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Southern Mesa Resort offers beautiful scenery along with a great sense of community. Allow Southern Mesa Resort to welcome you to a fun, engaging experience living here. This family-friendly park will appeal to anyone looking to partake in joyous activities or just anyone that enjoys fun in the sun. You’ll find yourself enamored with your new home.

Discover a new sense of belonging in Southern Mesa Resort…

Happy RV Review

"I have stayed in this park for extended periods of time and have also seen the park improve from stay to stay. Most recently the former pond has been filled and sown to grass, a lot of painting has happened around the clubhouse, the palm trees have been peeled and grounds are being kept cleaner. The club house hosts activities such as cards, games, suppers, and some dancing. In November we enjoyed a pool party and a happy hour. The pools is being maintained well as are the laundry rooms and restrooms... The people in the park are friendly and are trying to get things happening for the recreation and enjoyment of all residents..."
RV in parking lot with three palms trees angled down with light blue sky and white clouds.
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Sleek yet cozy RV with palm tree to the right.

There is an ample selection of potential lots to choose from. This family-friendly park even has enough room for you and your family. You will find your next home sweet home here.

Road with grass to right and left side with palm trees.

A whole range of fun activities can be found in the park. You’ll discover your new favorite pastime among our many selection. Have kids? They’ll be sure to enjoy all these outdoor sports with you!

Southern Mesa RV Park on wooden plank swinging sign as big as the wall behind it with a wooden water wheel below and cactuses on the right corner and palm tree behind the sign with sand that is a light tan color.

Explore Southern Mesa Resort or the many paths to adventure outside the park. There are plenty of choices to choose from! Like animals? You’ll see many cute chickens running around.

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